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If you ever wanted to know where, The Who’s who of the Soca industry parties our events section covers that! During, After and even in between carnivals we have every fete you need to be in attendance to with links to tickets!.


Lookin’ tuh play Ah Mas? We have the hottest and most premiere bands listed from small to large, covering the most carnivals in the world. See what they’re all about, click a button and get taken to their site to secure your costume. IT’S THAT EASY!


Our Caribbean Directory list the nearest Restaurants, Lounges, Bar, Clubs, Retail and even Supermarkets in your area. Plus if your traveling to another city or country we have you covered also. This section is updated daily, so be sure to check back for your favorite locations.


Get to know some of the hottest and also new talented Soca artist. With artists bios, links to social media and even booking contacts directly in the app. DJs, Producers & Promoters are also coming in future updates!


Blogs, Feter Lifestyle TV Section where we cover the road & the most exclusive fetes!


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